Black "silver weapons and M16 with grenade launcher unlocked?"

I hate to ask but does anybody by any chance have a save for Black on 360 with the silver weapons and M16 with built in grenade launcher unlocked they could perhaps share? i went through pure hell unlocking all this a few years back and not gonna go into how hard it was to do but lets just say it was one of the hardest unlockables i’ve ever done and there’s no way in hell i could ever pull it off again and not even gonna try, problem is the damn save corrupted “my fault mainly cause ain’t played it in years and should have made a backup” has anyone else managed to unlock this badass gun? silver weapons i couldn’t care less about but that M16 with built in grenade launcher was an absolute BTCH to unlock! if anyone has this beast gun unlocked on Black do you think uhh… you might could perhaps share a save of it?

if your trying to get a save for guns on multiplayer? if so it will not work un less u have a jtag or rtag xbox360 sorry

He isn’t referring to anything involving mulitplayer, he’s referring to the video game called “Black”, but I thought the game was just released for Xbox and Playstation 2? (Black - Video Game)

…I’ll need more information to help because it seems as if I’m confused on games.

i was thinking he meant black ops lol and yes Black is only on xbox and ps2 not xbox 360

Black doesn’t have an mp mode m8, its strictly a sp fps game and imo one of if not THE best fps game i’ve ever played to this day! and yeah its on xbl, cheap as hell too, only 7$ which is a steal considering how great the game looks on an HDTV, literally looks just like a last gen game, in fact graphic wise it put a lot of last gen games to shame! i was amazed! it always looked great on ps2 but on 360 and on an HDTV you would never even think it was from the ps2 era! it ain’t but 7$ on xbl m8, check it out you’ll see what i mean. anyways to all whom played the game my prob is in order to unlock the Silver M16 with grenade launcher you gotta beat the game on hardest setting but that ain’t enough, the thing that makes it damn near impossible is on top of surviving you gotta complete ALL side objectives! which you have no idea how hard that is to do untill you see how many there are, on normal its almost impossible, i did it on hardest diff! and still dunno how… as i said tho the freakin save corrupted which is why i’m trying to find anyone else who’s managed to do it too, cause i ain’t putting myself thru that torture again.

Huh, I didn’t think that game was available for the Xbox 360…especially after trying to double-check and look it up via the web rather than on the console. Save wise, I personally don’t have a save for what you’re looking for, but I can look around on the various websites in which I normally go to for saves, but I can’t promise you; assuming you already tried looking for the save prior to creating this thread.

Oh, lastly, I wasn’t the one who thought you were referring to a multiplayer…that was weiner23.

yeah Black is one of those rare gems that flew under the radar and many never heard about “mostly cause it had no mp mode, gawd i will never understand why that is such a big deal breaker for some cause this game would have easily made GOTY when it came out had it not received such a bad rating merely for being a sp fps” so i almost couldn’t believe my eyes back when i ran across it on xbl, and even more amazed when i saw they only wanted 7$ for it! lol but anyways yeah, i’ve searched all over the usual sites for a save with that M16 grenade launcher on Black, tried googling and couldn’t even find anything related. :anguished:
so yeah, if you ever by chance find a save like that for the game that would be badass. and thanks m8.

To keep the post short, when I played the game back on the PS2 I too thought the game was good for the engine and all it was on!

…I’ll keep an eye out for a save, but, like you, I looked everyone and couldn’t find ANYTHING. Sorry.