BlameTruth's scary/creepy pokemon blue story. (Fake or not?)

If any of you check BT’s channel for content from time to time you would know that he started this “paranormal activity” series not too long ago (actually a few months ago but it’s still being updated) vlogging and making videos trying to explain mysterious malfunctioning’s with his pokemon blue. After he finished that and said there was no more problems with his pokemon blue he then began making videos about an alleged stalker that has tampered with his camera, appeared in some of his videos in the background, and most recently, put a severed deer head onto his front step. That’s right, a severed deer head. Now my explanation is very vague so if you want a full-on explanation go see the videos for yourself on his home page; however, I warn you, fake or not these videos are well made so if you’re faint of heart to scary stories (otherwise known as CreepyPasta) I don’t recommend watching them. Although most people love that stuff so enjoy (For best effects, watch these at night, when nobody is around, like I did!)

His channel for the videos:
BlameTruth’s Channel - YouTube
His “paranormal activity” channel
blametruthproject’s Channel - YouTube
Alleged “ghost” channel (creepy)
01A51CD0’s Channel - YouTube

Anyway, the purpose of this thread is to debate it’s credibility. I for one am a sceptic. Here’s my reasons why I think this whole series is fake:
-He is (or was) running massive ads on his first videos, which generated a lot of views which can help prove that some suspect this is mainly for him to boost subscribers/average views since they’ve been dropping recently
-His first video has Tags: “creepypasta”
-The pokemon blue cartridge it self has nothing wrong with it, it just doesn’t work.
-The pokemon blue he plays using an emulator that has various things wrong with could have been tampered with/ modded as it’s on PC.
-All the “blue” things flying out of shelves and his closet door shaking etc could have all easily been staged. They all happened at a long distance which gives the person doing it enough time to go into another room off-scene. The closet shaking scene could have been someone on the other side shaking it, very easy stuff to stage.
-He also claims that his house has gotten broken into, someone took his blue camera, recorded self mutilation, and all the while explaining this very calmly, has no intention of moving, buying new locks or obtaining any sort of self-protection, or really doing anything other than trying to investigate some more (by himself). Multiple people commented that he should get some sort of weapon such as a gun, here’s his attitude towards those comments;

@silyanina NO, think: there’s no point in buying a gun if these people have gotten in my house before; it can easily be stolen, and then I just wasted money and gave them a gun”

He has absolutely no concern for his safety, despite his continuous claims involving stalkers and people breaking into his house when he’s not home. I can guarantee you if that was me, I would either move out, stay at a friends until the stalkers are caught, or it least get some serious protection. His no concern for security really gives it away and also makes the story less exciting.
-He claims to have called the police, but if an investigation where to take place, they would have him remove all his videos about it, tell him to discontinue his own investigation and let them handle it. The police would then have that suspicious account that is supposedly the channel of the “ghost” removed and if possible tracked down for any leads.

The thing is, BlameTruth (Anthony) knows very well this is a joke, so he’s not going to do an investigation. In fact he didn’t do one. The only thing he said he did was call the police to go look around for people with masks or something.

So there you have it, my long wall of text explaining why I think this series is fake. There is an extremely high chance this series is fake, everything done could have been faked, and on top of that, he has no solid evidence for anything, just suspicion, coincidence and theory. So when you’re watching them take into consideration what I’ve said so you’re not all scared, and instead, think of the videos as a scary/horror movie separated into individual videos.

Tell me what you think about the story, and do you think it’s fake or legit? Why or why not? Do you enjoy these videos?

This is just like marble hornets…

Oh yeah I forgot to mention there was another scary story/creepypasta very similar to this one involving a pokemon game that people suspect he inspired this off of.

Update; I jsut watched his newest video, showing the “self mutation”. I only looked at paused stills but I don’t want to watch it or hear the audio because it appears to be disgusting. I don’t even know why he put this up, I’ve lost all my respect for him, and that says a lot since I’ve been watching his videos since the golden cod4 days. The things people will do for attention.

Proof this video is fake;

“Police have no ID on the guy in the video.” is in the description. YouTube works very close with the police, and I can guarantee you if the police where any which way involved with this video it would be removed or temporarily removed, possible along with the account. The footage is disgusting and I highly doubt they would allow it be on the internet for others to watch.