BLEACH Brave Souls Cheats and Trainer for Steam

that worked thanks big dude

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Thanks for the info. Yeah you’re absolutely right!

Unlimited health, instant cooldown, unlimited ex gauge and super speed are not working. One-hit kill only mutiplies the damage you do so it’s technically not a one-shot function. I hope the others get fixed tho!

PS: I did reinstall both the game and the launcher, it still says (these cheats may not work with your game version)


just ignore that message as long as it’s working, it works flawlessly like before.

is it not supposed to work in epic raids and/or co-op?

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In epic raid and co-op only work the “on-hit”, very good by the way.

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Before you all updated it I would be able to take out the Epic Raid bosses’ health in a couple hits but now each hit only does 1% of its health. Why the change? Like others have already said all other cheats don’t work in Guild Quests and Epic Raids. They don’t seem to work at all in PvP and Arena. I’ve tested all the gamemodes and single player seems to be the only one that can have all cheats active.

can i play on WIN11

Doesn’t work in epic raid solo

Any update of the cheat for this game?

We are hope MrAntifun can update multiplier defend/ damage on Epic Raid , Co Op, and Battle Arena. We know if one hit feature will be ban soon. :pray:

This is a pretty good mod, even though it keeps telling me that it might not be compatible with my version of the game it still pretty much works as intended… I’m just glad I can just get through the harder stuff easier for grinding.

will i get ban if i use in coop , epic raid and arena.

and guild quest

it can’t use

you can use the trainer on guild quest but never use super speed, that cheat is the one that will have the risk to get you ban.

Is it possible for the one-hit change to a multiplier slider?