BLEACH Brave Souls Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Uhh, I don’t know if anyone have the same issue but the cheat doesn’t work in epic raid or was that intentional? If possible can you make the cheat work in epic raid it would help a lot. Btw thanks for the cheat it’s very useful

the trainer only work on single player

I have observed a problem with one hit kill.If you start the game and then activate the trainer the one hit kill doesn’t work.But if you start the game from the trainer it works.It is for you to take in consideration.

I think the dev has said that these cheats are for single player only. Although, one hit kill has worked in epic raids in the past. It doesn’t one shot them but does a lot more damage than you normally would.

i’ve tried that but still doesn’t work :cry:

Sorry.What i did was reinstall the app then took the trainer from the site and worked.If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you have to wait for the next update.