Blood Bowl 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

can u play bood bowl 2 in campign mode

can u use the cheats in campaign mode

The cheats are only designed for campaign mode.

Trainers from anywhere on the internet are only ever designed to work in single-player, offline game modes, like campaign.

set super money cheat wont work


tried using the trainer, but apparently i need to upgrade to WeModPro to use the cheats or something?

for the record, yes i’m playing Campaign mode, and yes i’m offline as well…but the cheats cannot be activated, and when i try to turn them on, all it does is sets the hotkey…when i press the hotkey in-game it doesn’t do anything.

even waited about 5 mins in-game and still nothing. :confused:

No. If you’re not Pro you need to use the keyboard hotkeys. Additional ways of enabling cheats, like clicking them, WeMod remote and WeMod overlay, are Pro features as some of the ways we say thanks to those who support WeMod’s development.

Don’t click the hotkey indication. When you click the hotkey indication and then a keyboard key, you’re changing the keyboard combination for that hotkey. Use the keyboard and nothing else, forget your mouse exists for a second.

Cheat doesnt work any more…

Yeah, the cheats don’t activate anymore. Pressing the hotkey doesn’t even turn them on for a second, and changing the hotkeys doesn’t work.