Bloons Monkey City Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Yo please add speed up ingame feature it would make this trainer perfect.

Indeed, some kind of speedup option would be great, provided that its not tracked somehow server side.
I assume server sided values are the reason we don’t have inf. Bloonstones or inf. city cash as well (not just in matches like it is now)

should add an infinite bloonstones cheat if possible please all around its good though


for bloons monkey villige pls add more cheat like insta time and infinite bloonstones and skip 1 round

I hope we could get cheats that affect the city itself. I am so bored of saving up all this money for hours, just to realize I have to spend it all to upgrade my money storage a measly amount.
What I mean is like infinite city money or chests or bloonstones.


I have been a fan of this for awhile but I have noticed that the game crashes every time now when playing longer maps… it did it in the past at extreme levels like when trying to get to 100 and I just assumed it was a mem leak or something game related because I was doing out of the ordinary things…

That being said, now it seems to crash to desktop at way early levels like around 40 these last few times. Is their anyway that you guys could check and make sure that the codes might need a slight update or if its even on your side that this is being caused on. No other trainers or games have had any issues with crashing or anything.

Can you add infinite city money and bloon stones?


I second that

Y U no infinite city money and/or bloonstones
there’d be no reason to have a build speedup cheat if there was an infinite bloonstone cheat, as you can instantly complete timed things with bloonstones
also it’d be nice to have a mega exp reward cheat too