Blue Circle on some game since infinity

i have Blue Circle on some games since using infinity trainer, how i can disble this circle? its disturbs me in games

same circle is in ark survival evolved to … and other games… if i start with infinity…

That’s odd.

I’ve never experienced such an issue while using Infinity. Are you sure this is indeed being caused by INFINITY, and not by some other background app/program on your PC ?

What happens if your ALT/TAB out of games ? Are you using the remote app ? Turn off any AV for the time being. Reinstall INFINITY as well.

Rofl, never seen a circle like that using Infinity.
Are you sure its not something else making that?

@Frank is this a hidden easter egg of yours?

im very sure its since infinity, and alt+tab happening nothing , its still in game if switch back to game, i not use any other programms or remotes…

ok i reinstalled now infinity and turned of windows Defender, now the blue circle dissapairs… im not sure which one was solved the problem, the reinstall or the deactivating windows defender, but it helped… ty guys for help

NOPE, I don’t think so. I’ve been using Infinity since a long time, and I haven’t noticed this issue while gaming.

Which OS do you actually have ? Seems to me some other program/app might be interfering here, or some corrupt OS file.

Have you tried to reinstall/re-download Infinity from scratch ? Disable Windows Defender as well as any other AV.

EDIT: Never mind…I didn’t see your reply. Glad the problem is now solved.

Only time I have seen anything similar is if I use blustacks with a controller plugged into my PC