Bluetooth headphones

Hi. I use Bluetooth headphones when playing games with wemod.
In the last 2 days the stereo mode doesn’t work only the mono headset mode.
I thought it was the game, hitman 2, but I played it without wemod and it was fine.
I have deleted the Bluetooth drivers and re installed them but still the same.
Any other ideas please.

Hello @Mikey1209 and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:
I’m no expert with WeMod, but I’ll try to offer some help.

First of all, make sure you launch the game before you launch WeMod. This means closing WeMod completely (it might just be minimised to your taskbar, next to the clock - may need to click the up arrow to view more icons).

If that doesn’t help, try disabling the sounds in WeMod to see if that resolves the issue at all:

  1. Launch WeMod.
  2. Click the down arrow in the top-right corner, then “Settings”.
  3. Click “Customisation” on the left.
  4. Change the “Cheat Sounds” slider to Off.
    Play a game and see if this sorts the issue out.

Another thing you can try is an issue with Windows 10 where some settings like to change themselves, usually after an update or restore:

  1. Type “Ease of access” in the search bar that is on your taskbar. Click the result.
  2. On the left, scroll down to “Hearing” then select “Audio”.
  3. Make sure the setting “Turn on mono audio” is turned off.

If none of those help, post back here and hopefully someone else can offer some further advice. :slight_smile: