BO2 AIMBOT! xbox 360

Hey guys, not really looking for mods just looking to see how i can aquire a simple aimbot. Any help would be great!

modify your xbox, and the you can aimbot.

Yea i think thats the only solution, how do i do this? Mechnically or installing software?

need to solder wires into your xbox and flash a new image onto your nand.

Oh that doesnt sound easy, what is this horizon thing? just downloaded it, what does it do exactly… seems like all it did was put viruses on my computer

I mean everywhere i do get help just seems like too hard or too much effort but i think i need to just do it already for results, what do i do exactly?

Unless you have or plan on having a JTAG Xbox then you’ll never get anything like an aimbot.
…even if you did have said console Horizon wouldn’t be any use for you in acquire such mods.
Have a good day.