Bo2 mod menu zombies

hi guys ive looked all over the internet but i cant find what im looking for. i want a mod menu that i dont need a jtag or an RGH i dont plan on playing online which is why i dont need an RGH ive tried deleteing title update and useing a gpd editor but gpds dont work the same way on bo2 as they did on bo1. and ive tried every video on youtube and they are almost always bs or a scam ANY HELP?

Mod menu’s require unsigned code to run and is why you really do need a modded console. My theory is that black ops 1 and WAW had some sort of developer console left inside it on release and allowed modders to run some commands through it. It got fixed with updates and it has gotten removed before launch in the later games.

To sum it up: There are no gpd mods for bo2.

Can t go online with an rgh anyhow . Jtag n rgh basically the same thing can’t use either one online

You sure about that? I don’t remember the names but there have been services that allowed modded consoles to go online and (to my knowledge) all you had to do to unban yourself was swapping the keyvault with an unbanned one.