Bo2 USB Mods

Anybody have some good Black Ops 2 modded .svg? Preferrably with a Mod Menu, but anything is fun ^_^:)

I don’t think their are mod menus for .svg modding on bo2 :stuck_out_tongue: Just throwing that out there:p

You can’t use BO2 mods from a USB, sorry.

You can do offline on for BO1 and WAW I believe .

I’m pretty sure you can do .svg mods for campaign if i’m not mistaken- modio had some svg mods for bo2 i used a year back, But idk if it was patched or what lol, I use an rgh so I mod multiplayer not campaign :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanna play? Bored af

witnessed an active aimbot on blacktops 2 last night. guy was autokilling me as a I spawned. Hovering above the building in mirage. infinite ammo, raycasting bullets to me as he aimed strait down and unloading a LSAT with infinite ammo.

after the end of the fight he sent me a message on xbox live and told me if I gave him a gold trial key he would give me a menu lol.

I mean honestly… if you are going to mod/hack on xbox live ,atleast make it believeable.

70-0 on team deathmatch?

killing people through the entire map with 5+ walls and sand dunes.

me to

with WaW you can use some mod menu’s online via usb, mainly zombie ones

hey I was wandering if any one has a mod menu Im going to make a youtube channel for mods and my gamer tage on xbox 360 is Hockeylife45 add me I need mods and if you ant when I get theses mods I will put u in my video if u want by have a good day mate .

Purchase a jtag/rgh.