BO3 trainer

I’ve been trying to use the BO3 trainer in Single player campaign as it is intended to do, but for some reason the game shuts down without even activating the trainer. What do I do? even when I select offline mode.

If the game shuts down before you even load in the trainer then there is an issue on your side. I suggest you verify your game files using the option in steam. If it crashes after the trainer is loaded in and before you activate a mod then please reply with more information such as game version.

No when infinity is completely off it works just fine, I ran through four or five missions tried it again and still crashes if infinity is running in the background.

What version of Black ops 3 are you running and is it cracked?

newest, and no everything I own is legit.

When you try to use infinity are you launching from infinity?

No, but I just tried it again its running fine now. I’m confused, but atleast its working now!

ok so playing in offline mode via bo3 got me vac banned.

campaign? that’s impossible. If you used it in zombies then well it was to be expected.

It’s not impossible. I promise you I only used it in campaign offline steam. When it crashed a command window popped up really quick disappeared. Didn’t bother trying to relaunch the game closed out infinity, turned my internet connection back on browsed the web for a few hours got on bo3 and bam vac ban. Never used it online steam. I know better. I feel one of the new updates had a offline detector and that command window was to add something to upload to them once internet connections was established again saying that there was mods involved or a crash report.