BOB Search Topic (GRD Helmet = On Disc!)

July 7th, 2011, The “BOB” Helmet, now known as “GRD” Helmet, was seen in Tender Loins armory as he quickly went through the helmets available in the armory. If anyone has a picture or a video of this, PM me asap!

Since there are now three confirmed BOB Banshees, on three separate levels (not counting multiple spawns per levels) our search takes us to the skies, in search of BOB Banshees.
The Package BOB Banshees

Bungie Weekly Update BOB Comments

Current Objective: Kill BOB Banshees, since they seem to be our last hope.

IWHBYD skull ruined by hackers within three days. September 25th 2007- September 28th, 2007.

343i Employee Stutters Over New Armor Question (4:15)

BS Angel Comment

Large BOB Picture

BOB Picture on Xbox Dashboard

Comparison Picture of the BOB’s Helmet in Reach and Marathon

Three quick-points (for the people complaining, these points are my theories, not 100% fact)

  1. BOBS work like Halo: 3 skulls, since the campaign had no skull collectables, or collectables that reward the player something.

  2. Halo: 3 had a huge mystery, the IWHBYD skull, and hackers ruined it fast. Bungie isn’t going to make the same mistake again.

Question: Are there any videos showing all the BOB spawn locations so we can hunt for ourselves?

Answer: Yes, the following videos are NOT mine, but they show the majority of the BOB spawn locations and they are pretty straight forward.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7
Video 8
Video 9
Video 10

The videos above once again are NOT mine, but each video shows you pretty much every single BOB in the game and they are excellent.

I consider myself a BOB fanatic. Me and my crew HRS know every spawn, on every level, on every difficulty for BOB. I understand how he works, and how much it takes to kill BOB. Now, I think people on and people who play Reach aren’t looking at the BOBS the way I do.
The campaign had no skull collectables, and the skulls from Halo 3 unlocked armor, Hayabusa. I consider the BOBS to be “moving, interactive, skulls.” There is a BOB on each level, and for the two levels (Exodus and New Alexandria) he is in a Banshee. (Proof: Under his description he is named as an Elite “Light” Vehicle.") I personally have killed one BOB per level on Normal, and now I’m two levels off killing each BOB on Legendary.

Before I elaborate deeper, each BOB gives you a medal, Bungie is having a lot of daily challenges for us to kill BOB on Heroic+, and these BOBS don’t just appear as you progress through the level, they also appear behind you. On Long Night of Solace for example, as you move toward the Sabre, turn around in the level and head back to the beach. You will notice the beach is STILL full of activity. Now here is the fun part, kill three waves on the beach of enemies, and watch each wave. Each wave gets harder and harder. On wave 3, and toward the end, BOB will randomly drop in a drop pod, and disappear within two-three seconds. Bungie has programmed SO many unique spawns for the BOBS, I doubt it’s just for fun or nothing.

BOBS descriptions tell you to “Wipe them out” “Seek and Destroy” and to simply kill them all. This is a reference to a Marathon Vidmaster, and to the secret of the BOBS, to find and kill them all on Legendary, just as you would wipe them out on Marathon. The Vidmaster also tells us to hit all switches and so on, but I think this doesn’t matter. What we have to do is to kill ONE BOB per level, and make sure we get the “BOB” medal for each and every mission. This is why nothing has happened, because getting the BOB medal for the Banshee kills isn’t possible. Yet Bungie states the BOB in the Banshee is a BOB, but it has NO pilot when destroyed and you don’t get the medal.

Hackers destroyed one of the most secret, long term Easter Eggs of Halo 3: The IWHBYD skull. This was meant to take AGES to find. Hackers ruined it pretty quickly. Don’t you think Bungie would have stepped up their game against the hackers for Halo: Reach? This is my personal theory, the BOB helmet.

Picture of Comparison Here

The picture above is of the BOB eye piece from Marathon, and this secret helmet. This helmet is on the disk hidden away along with the chest piece we have seen in so many pictures. The screenshot was from IGN and IGN does not fake screenshots for the public. This picture was used on the Dashboard and has had a lot of attention. BS Angel from the Waypoint forums told us that “She can’t tell us how to get the helmet, that would take the fun away from finding out how to get it.” (Summed up quote) I doubt this means it will be unlocked via a patch in the future, this means the helmet works like Hayabusa did, get a BOB medal PER mission on Heroic+ and you get the armor pieces.

BOB has one-three unique spawns per mission, and they aren’t normal spawns. Bungie has programmed some BOBS to be VERY hard to find, like the BOB on The Long Night of Solace. The secret helmet resembles the BOB eye piece from Marathon. Bungie is trying to help us along to killing these BOBS through daily challenges and is trying to bring attention to them weekly. The descriptions are to kill them all. BOB is VERY strong, probably the strongest enemy in the campaign shield and health wise, he flees, spawns secretly, and can vanish in thin air. He IS on each mission, and in a Banshee on two, which doesn’t yield the medal for killing him.

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So you are able to get this helmet right now?

Not until the title update 343i produces. Which will most likely be next month.

Awesome Thread.
It’s a cool helmet, but won’t be very cool once everyone start’s getting it. I will stick to my ODST.

Agreed, it’ll be like Hayabusa I think.

So it’s a new helmet for Reach?

Yep, hopefully 343 won’t claim it for themselves.

I really don’t like the helmet at all but I am so sick of hearing about. Not on here on Bungie. : Halo: Reach Forum : BOB Search Topic (GRD Helmet = On Disc)
^^ Original post.

Does anybody have the image though? I don’t really believe Bungie would make that mistake and show off that helmet.

This totally f***ing made me jelly!!!

I did hear about a new last DLC that will include new armor

There are no strings for the new armour so its diffently not a disc armour

So do you have to kill everyone of them on all difficulties or is it kill so many of them?

It was seen on the livefeed that Bungie had set up for their Bungie vs. the World challenge. One of the employees went through his armory “accidentally” and passed the GRD helmet.

They were using Dev Kit xboxes, and could have had a prototype update on them.

Also, this:

This video seems interesting, but could be nothing…

Thank you. I found out about this when I was looking up how to get credits fast, but I found this! AND I JUST GOT HOOKED! So, I’m gonna get into the conspiracy, and if anyone wants to get a BoB hunting team together, my gamertag is v0lcom97 (first “o” in v0lcom97 is a zero)


and the bobs have nothing to do with the helmet as of now

Still no proof of this ever happening.

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

It’s not on the disk, you can’t get it now, and it was confirmed that it wasn’t seen in Tender Loins armory, just some BS story some guy made up to get attention.