Bonus chest respawn glitch

I noticed this last night when I made a new survival world.

It isn’t that amazing but it can help when you are starting out a brand new world.

Not sure if it works on any other platform, it probably will.

  1. Start a brand new survival world and make sure bonus chest is enabled.

  2. Remove all items from the bonus chest, break the chest, and collect all the torches around it.

  3. Disable auto-save, exit and save the game.

  4. Re-load the world and the bonus chest should respawn in another location around the main spawn point.

I believe this will only work if you are playing alone.

Does it respawn with new items or different ones every time?

Thanks for the share!

I don’t think you’ve found a “glitch” because every time I created a world in Minecraft on the X360 version it’d spawn a new beginning chest, after I had taken everything the first time. I could be wrong, but I remember gathering a ton of chests from doing so.

I never noticed that.

Interesting… seems like a fairly basic exploit, albeit a helpful one.

This is an old bug, but a lot of people don’t know about it

It’s not a bug, it’s just the map is set to always spawn a chest when it’s booted up. They aren’t excellent spawns but it does help for free chests and torches I must admit. Been doing this for a long time now.