Bookers massive list of mod tools, arcade games and more

Enjoy these tools
I know some are in horizon but still why not post em
Not all links are mine

Cod tool 1.5 beta 2
Usb xtaf xplorer
EZGT 2.2
HxD editor
Profile editor 2.2
Halo 3 toy box
willow tree
Redsn0w - mac
Redsn0w windows
FF Viewer
Fallot 3 mod tool
Splinter cell conviction
Bio crator v3
Halo reach screenshot editor
Castle crashers
Left for dead
Brutal legend
WET save editor
Test drive unlimited
Just cause 2
Le Fluffie
Assassins creed 2
Mw2 tool
Resident evil 5
Shadow complex
Battlefield 1943 [full game]
Trials HD [full game]
Duke nuke em 3d [full game]
Scramble [full game]
TMNT 1989 arcade [full game]
Alien hominoid HD [full game]
Geometry wars evolved 2 [full game]
More will be added through time and im open to sugestions :wink:

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This Has Been Posted.

VN list. just restored my laptop, and needed some of these

thanks for the list (: geometry wars <3

well unless your refering to the one i posted on game-tuts then they copied it heres a link to it
Basic mod tools

Add the Enigma Beta.
Direct download:

Just a beta right now, but it’s starting out well.

oh hai skylar i just added it for ya what dose it do anyways ?

Copy&pasted from the site:

Enigma is the next Xbox360 game modding AIO(All In One)
NOTE Beta Release for bugs and glitches

Profile Tools(2):

Rehash And Resigner

Avatar Color Modder (Thanks to abis)
Game Tools( 8 ):

Just Cause 2

Red Dead Redemption

GTA 4 Money Mod(Weapon Mod Coming In Next Update)

Midnight Club LA

UFC Undisputed 2010(Still being worked on)

NBA 2K10(2K11 Coming the week after its out)

MW2 MP Data Editor(Not Multiplayer) THanks to Tucker


Saints Row 2

Lots More Game Tools to come in the next update

It also features and Auto Updater and a login system made specifically for Mocha-Mods

To login use your Mocha-Mods user and pass

Abis24 for Avatar Modder
Tucker for MW2 MP Data Editor
Fuedalnate for Package IO

Press Thanks and report all bugs *Note this is a Beta


any more requests ?

Ahh I remember the good old days and my first modding expierience with some of these tools doing my gamertag on EzGt and things <3 Nice list

thanks :laughing:

what about a mass effect 2 save editor? preferably one that has been tested :smile:

How Do You Play The Games Without The Licence? :confused: I Wanna Play.

do you know any because i dont really play mass effect 2

the enigma link keeps coming up as an error message saying that its broken?

are these for jtags only?

Great resources I didnt realise they were links aswell:) good work

Nice post.

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