Boost games not in the queue

Hi WeMod team,

Before the changeover from Points/Tokens to Boosts I was considering extending my Pro membership and perhaps even purchasing tokens directly. I was also making sure to at least try to get in a quick session each day so I could earn my daily points for using WeMod.

You see, I wanted to spend these resources on voting for games I was interested in and hoped to have a trainer for. (In particular, Victory at Sea Pacific)

Maybe it was naiive of me to think that my comparatively small input would help get a trainer made, but it certainly gave me a goal and a reason to throw money at you guys. (I still give money to MrAntiFun btw :p)

The trouble is, now I have no way to do this. I have 65 Boosts but I can’t use them on things I am actually interested in. I check the queue every so often, but nothing’s come up that I want to spend a boost on.

It has discouraged me from continuing my subscription, so I’ve let it lapse and I have no plans to renew it unless something changes. The other pro benefits, to be honest, aren’t worth it to me.

If I were able to at least FEEL like I could influence what goes into the queue, then I’d probably start subscribing again. So I suggest exactly that: add a feature for subscribers to boost games which aren’t in the queue, so that they’re more likely to be added to the queue. Perhaps this could use a different token aside from Boosts, maybe call them Bumps or something, and you could even sell them separately much like the old system.

Anyway, just a thought, along with my honest review of how the update has affected my usage of WeMod.

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If a game is not in the queue you need to follow it by clicking “Notify Me”. If enough users are currently following it we will add it to the queue. We really do not want to go back to multiple currencies nor do have plans to reintroduce the ability to buy boosts outside of subscribing to Pro.

The game queue is what we are currently working on or what we are going to work on next.