Boosting a Request

I’m probably not the only one who feels that our requests get ignored, especially for games that have been out for a few years that haven’t already gotten a trainer made for them. It would be nice to use boosts for requested games that aren’t in the queue.

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Right now games are added to the queue based on popularity so following the game by clicking “Notify Me” is the best way to get a game added; however, we are looking into additional ways for Pro members to request new trainers.

I feel that, yesterday I just posted It would be nice to have the whole MCC Xbox cheats instead of the Steam ones. Perhaps it was easier to get the steam ones but I rather play The MCC thru XBOX since it’s free with the gamepass.

Trainers are made based on the game’s popularity within the WeMod community.

If a Steam trainer was made first, it means the Steam version of the game is more popular with WeMod members than the Xbox version. This doesn’t mean an Xbox version won’t be released in the future, it just means we do things in the order that the community as a whole shows the most interest.

You could try using the Steam version’s trainer with the Xbox store version, just attach a shortcut to it. I’ve used Steam version trainers with non-Steam games without issues in the past.

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thx m8. I’ll try this

You’ll have to use an app like UWPHook to get a shortcut to games on that platform.

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Sometimes Steam trainers will work with a lot of Epic Games Store games.
There are occasions where a Steam trainer has also worked with Uplay and Origin games to some extent.
But I have never heard of a Steam trainer (from any trainer provider) ever working with a Windows Store/Xbox Game Pass game. :slight_smile:

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