Booting xexmenu from usb?

so my rgh was flashed with a bad nand a while ago, but ocasionally would boot into retail dash. other than that it stays black screen and won’t boot into xell at all.

was told i could either get it reflashed via xnand or i could try and boot the xexmenu from a cd. well i don’t have a dvd drive in the console and don’t recall what drive it uses. not to mention i dont have any drives to use lol

anyways, is it possible to do the same thing by booting xexmenu but from a usb instead of a cd? like boot right into it without going through the dash. this way i should be able to reflash the nand

I’m not sure about now, but back then you could boot into xexmenu with dashlaunch by editing the launch.ini like

BUT_X = USB:\Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999??

Well the issue is that I can’t boot into anything to change dashlaunch. Not xell or the dash after a nand flash. It sometimes goes into retail dash so I know it’s not fully bricked.

you dont need to boot DL to change the plugins. Just change the launch.ini and put it on usb

well i also dont have an HDD on my console atm so i dont have dashlaunch there. should i just put dashlaunch with the modified .ini and xexmenu on the usb then try it?

my console is just black screen from the second i turn it on if that makes a difference