Borderland 2 Orange Gear

Here is my saved u have about 15 level 50 orange gun 2 orange shield including THE BEE there is about 150 gun in the secret safe u can kill terramorphus by urself whit this save took about 5 min to kill him Its a Comando Level 50 skill tree are all full ure Basicaly invincible like God mode try it u will like it have fun here is the linkOrange Saved .sav

How did you get your bank/safe to be so big?
Also, what character?

More details please!

Skill Tree?
Normal or True Hunter?
Game Completed?


its a COMANDO 9999 skill all full True hunter and lot of money about 150 purple gun in safe

Thanks for this! I really need some good guns after getting my level 50!

Did you mod this yourself?

Nope a friend give me the save whit 9999 skill point and storage mod and i did the rest like playing 35hours and more to get all those legendary gear

Is this a PC save? Because it’s not working with my xbox 360.

hey thanks for this really awesome I have one question do this save have handsome jack head skin? by anychance?

for some reason this doesnt work for me i try to do it and it keeps my old profile on it like my level 1 commando when im picking my save help me

did you change the profile id woner01?

What secret safe?

Make sure u switch characters, to the new save, when u are at the main menu… I did the same thing and thought it didn’t work

How I put it on my usb and it just shows up as lvl 1 can you please explain a little more thank you

Where do I find this fine sir (Terramorph…xyz) ?

thousand Cuts

Are you assigning it to your profile with horizon? Rehash/resigning? Saving it to device? In BL2 are you using the select characters to find the save? Just some things to look at.

I did all that but when i try and look for it in my save on usb it isnt there it just showing up lvl 1?

did u press Y on the main screen

Where is the safe you guys are mentioning with the other guns? Thanks btw, love the guns for the kill.