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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Could be a number of things. But it works i play it all the time still
Game from steam ?


@ptondo yes it could. You have all the solutions.


When i click play its just loading nothing is happening


When I try to use the Golden Keys cheat it goes to a negative number. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but it just cycles around from negative to very few.


would it be possible to add a super accuracy mod to borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel?


Same here. I launch it via infinity and then press play (after play, settings, etc. pop up) and then nothing happens. There is music for a few seconds…


Switch back to infinity and make there is a checkmark next to Play. If there isn’t, click Play again until there is.

Make sure your AV isn’t interfering.


For some reason, Borderlands 2 doesn’t work, it says it’s uninstalled and it isn’t a valid copy of Borderlands 2, and this is happening to all of my games. I bought all of my games I use with Infinity from Steam. Help please?


Ammo cheat don’t work for coop, but singleplayer work. I would like to use the ammo cheat with friends, as this game don’t have VAC protection, just like Dying Light that can disable VAC server.
Any help?


Nope. Works fine for single player like its made for. I only use ammo and no reload use that then


I only use that too on single, just asking if there is something to do to work on coop.


The cheat code for the 100 badass tokens doesn’t seem to work.
Also the code for the golden keys doesn’t max out like the Eridium. It instead will count back down usually cycling between 242 to 442. Not really broken or useless, just odd.


The bad ass tokens work it usually once per game 100. And the keys work how many do you need ? 240 keys should be plenty.
It adds 10 at a time


the badass tokens dont work and when i try to add keys they dont get added and the game crashes


sayin “it works” dosent help fix the issue, homie. just sayin.


Nothing to fix. It actually does work i play it all the time.


Thanks, there is a check mark on play but when I switch back to borderands 2 interface I press play and nothing happens. Sorry but what does AV stand for?


works now after figuring out that Av stands for antivirus. You were correct. Thank you


okay, it decided to work after i posted, very odd. thanks for the help


I tried using the “Add 10 Golden Keys” It kept, giving me an error saying Fatal Error… Please help…