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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


you need to add a way to take skill points away cause i got over 100 and saving and quitting dont work


Well they go 10 at a time shouldnt of added so many.
Always should make a save before modding a game
That way can go back to your save id something happens


the badass tokens don’t work


hello i used borderlands 2 “cheats” a few days ago and today i opened infinity and there was an update after that id start the game through infinity and it wouldn’t load in time or whatever and it re opens the game please help


Maybe restart your computer , or start the game first the back out to desktop then click play in wemod


I did and when i pressed play the game restarted and it was same… I restarted my pc and reinstalled wemod infinity run it as admin i did everything i could find here and it didnt help


Badass tokens are not working any suggestion


They do ( sometimes ) but you only get 100 at at a time and need one , but back in and out of menu. It works once per game


Per Launch ?


Ya thats how it usually worked for me.


I can’t get the cheats to work. Every time I launch the game, hitting ‘play’ on the launcher makes the engine stop accepting the game, as if it’s not playing. Anybody know what to do?


Your game from steam ?
Antivirus ? Wndows defender ? The trainer works


I was trying to get some golden key but every time I activate it the game gives me a fatal error, this also happen when i have set the game offline any help please


im having a problem I launch the game but when I hit play after I hit play in infinity the cheats don’t work like it thinks the game stoped please reply as soon as possible


Yep - error with golden keys


I can say the keys do work i have like 388 keys that i dont even use. Nothing good in the chest anyhow


Everything seems to work except “Easy kills,” Which only affects enemy health, meaning enemies with shields require regular damage. Which… makes many Seraph Guardians/Raid bosses/Invincibles exceedingly difficult to actually kill.

Another enemy this does not affect are Spores, in the Big Game Hunt DLC. They start at full health, and do not die in one shot.

And, on that note, does “Add 10 skill points” literally -just- add 10 skill points, or actually do something useful, like level you up 10 levels?


Yes it just adds 10 skill points at a time so you dont give your self too many.


Wow, I really dislike the fact that you can’t click on the cheats to activate them anymore, you -have- to use key shortcuts. THat’s a little… annoying. But, they work in this game, at least.


Borderlands 2 keys easy to get (with the proper timing). All you have to do is go to the official Borderlands twitter page, and hope the codes posted haven’t run out yet.

However, I wonder what point there is for having the golden keys is, because there’s nothing legendary in that crate (or in the one in the Pre-Sequel). And with an infinite health, and infinite shields, you can pretty much farm for a legendary (or more, if you decide you want to try for a Norfleet). Alternatively, there are weapon codes available, and gibbed will put it into your inventory.