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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It literally -just- adds 10 skill points. But those can be extremely useful, as with enough of them, you can max out the entire skill tree at level 1. This would make you a tank in the early game, a force to be reckoned with in the second playthrough, and just about ready to go in the 3rd (or OP) playthrough.


For some reason, after the 5.0 update the Borderlands 2 cheats stopped working. My Infinity works for other games but when I try it with Borderlands 2 it just keeps giving me an error message that says “We’re having trouble downloading the cheats. Please try again later.” I have my antivirus disabled and Infinity works for other games, just not Borderlands 2 for some reason.


most of them work but add 100 badass tokens doesn’t or I’m just using it wrong


@William1027 Sometimes the tokens wont work I’ve noticed always leave about 5, relog go to tokens use the cheat and spend some should add them. That usually works for me at least!


@STN Could you make a Level Option in your Training ?


this trainer for me doesnt work, it says i need the june 16th 2015 version


Yepp thats the one i am using and it works fine
Did you click the play button ? What happened ?


I fixed it had to reinstall the game


There is a save file editor called Gibbed, if you are simply looking to push levels it’s a great easy way to do so. It can also do all kinds of neat things like add items etc, however too much tinkering can delete your save file so be careful.


Pls fix the “add 100 badass tokens” cheat. Unfortunately it does not work


Game is too old to fix. The bad ass points work usually once per game i found
There is a GPD editore floating around out there that works for rank


I couldn’t recreate the issue last time i tried so dunno what’s up. Maybe you’re using it online.

I know this game can be abused online so that’s probably what’s happening


Although it is a pity, but thanks for the quick response.


can you add a torgue token option


I can answer that. Game is too old for him to add stuff to it. I tried !!
You can get torque tokens and stuff with the gibbed editor




hey just downloaded and it is not working with my game?


Your game from steam ? I can say it’s for sure working.
Pressing the play button ?
Start the game first then back out and click play in wemod


I have recently had an issue when trying to use the golden key cheat. after using them I would get a fatal error and the game would crash. How can I fix this?


You probably can’t. Reading this thread some people can’t even get it to work I know myself using it I have had no problems. I dont even think you can used gibbed for keys , but there was a gpd editor you where able to use

Or even on the 'net they still post codes for keys sometimes even 10 at a time

Also where did you get the game from ?