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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Steam, and oh dang that sucks.can u link me to the gpd editor?


Here’s one here should work


Wish that worked with the ps4 version.


One word. Gibbed. It works for the PS4, but you better have a backup save somewhere, because it’s kind of fickle from time to time.

Something to keep in mind. This entire thread is for the trainer, not for a general “how-to”, and in that, I’ve probably broken some rules.


Trainer doesn’t load up at all. I have the Steam version and I tried to put the file in manually as well, no luck. Pressed the play button after loading the game from the trainer, didn’t work. Pressed the play button after loading the game from Steam, didn’t work. I keep getting “There was a problem starting the trainer. Your game version may not be compatible. You can also try again at a different point in your game.” Nothing seems to work.


Disable your antivirus and add wemod to its exception list. Launch the game yourself then click Play. Spam the play key


Like stn said probably antivirus because it does work I still play this all the time


It could be the anti-virus like the others have said. But it could also be you attempting to use the trainer during the start splash screen, or in the main menu.


I’ll do that right now.