Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

could we please have either a damage multiplier? or maybe a an instakill button?

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Unlimited Health was working for me but suddenly stopped working, Unlimited Shield works but i can still be hit and lose health any idea’s why it suddenly stopped working. This has happened before the trainer was update and it seems to be the same

Badass tokens not working for me

definitely need a TELEPORT using waypoint

Unrestrict Gun Limits

There’s a reason this isn’t in the cheats. People used to make modded weapons for this game, and sometimes, they’d disappear out of inventory due to a ‘sanity check’. I think they added said ‘sanity check’ to the game to avoid another ‘thumb shotgun’ with nearly infinite damage per pellet.

Instakill enemies

Once you have the right build, and loadout, you wouldn’t need this. Just access to ammo, and Unlimited Ammo and No Reload are already there for you to abuse the planet with.


The badass token thing… I’ve seen where that goes. If you increase fire rate too far, Hyperion weapons become useless, because they’re incredibly inaccurate when you start to fire, but the fire rate never allows it to center itself. Torgue weapons (particularly shotguns) have this thing where if the fire rate is too high, shooting it will bend you over backwards. It’s amusing to see it happen, but hell if you have it happen to you.

just wanted to know what the easy unlock chests actually does and the unlimited badasstokens doesnt seem to work or i dont know how to get it to work i put it on and go to my tokens and its still zero but when i manage to get a token its just 1 and when i use it back to zero, i even tried getting one then enabling the cheat and still not working.

can we get a better loot drop mod so there isn’t so much time farming. also unlimited bad A tokens doesn’t seem to work.

I can’t get any of the cheats to work. When i hit play, there are clank sounds and all the cheats one by one turn off. Except for backpack size 99 which stays on . However, it doesn’t work when the game begins

don’t you think the Players of Borderlands 2 need the ability that increase to the maxima legendary equipments drop rate?

Same, seems like all the cheat options work except the “Unlimited Bada** Tokens” cheat. Once bada** tokens are spent, they’re gone until you earn more just like in the normal game.