Borderlands 2 (Fastest Bad-ass rank Guaranteed)

This Gunzerker has a challenge that is repeatable due to an exploit. (Do damage with reloads with Tediore Weapons)

> All you have to do is use the level 23 pistols on the Zerker and throw it at the bul-loader enemy right at the beginning of hero’s pass.

> You can move behind a barricade and lob the weapons over for 166 Bad ass levels per weapon thrown without being hit.

> Make sure to have the ammo regen on so you can throw it infinite times.


thanks :smiley:
kinda fun to do this

cheers for this my there is another exploit with the siren ill try get a save on it.

Just to confirm this, Badass Tokens AND Gold Keys are GPD/Profile based?

Yes and I uploaded a video

Does it work with any other Tediore guns or just the level 23 pistols…?

Nice tutorial & thanks for the video. :thumbsup:

the file has been removed can you re-upload it


Re-upload please!

Edit: I don’t think this even works anymore.


Nevermind, this works amazingly. i suggest you do it offline.

just did it 5 mins ago, it works&_&

Yea I know, I tried doing it with my own Gunzerker, so it didn’t work.

This is ridiculously awesome. 5 minutes of this and I got over 750 badass tokens…

I have a bunch of guns I’d be willing to trade for a Tediore pistol. Like lots. Would be awesome. GT: HandOfGodx420
Plz and thx

Just go to the vending machines, they sell them all the time. It doesn’t even have to be a pistol, an smg can work also.

I know but now that I want one do you think I could find one!! No. And I’ve started like four new gunzerkers and still no Tediore