BORDERLANDS 2 for épic games

hello I wish to have an update for BORDERLANDS 2 on epic games


We dont have a trainer for borderlands 2 for epic store
A whole trainer would need to be made for epic

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There is a way to use to the existing Steam Wemod trainer and it works fine. First: Open Wemod and go to the Borderlands trainer for Steam. Drag your Exe file into the Play link (on Windows 10 that Exe file is found: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Borderlands2\Binaries\Win32). Once you have that setup, the next step is to open the Epic program and go in to your Library. Next, click to start the Launcher for Epic Borderlands 2. After the Launcher opens and you see the Play, Options, etc…Screen, you are ready to get started. Have the Wemod window open at the same time as the Epic Launcher. Now click on PLAY on the Launcher followed immediately by clicking Play on the Wemod App. That should do it. It works every time for me if I do it that way. Hope this helps.

While the above advice may work, bear in mind that there’s no guarantee it’ll work flawlessly or forever.

Options in Steam trainers do sometimes work with a varying degree of success, between 0% to 100%, with Epic Games versions of the game, so don’t be surprised if one or more of the options don’t work perfectly. It may also take just one small hotfix on the Epic version of the game to make the Steam trainer incompatible.

The best way to ensure you’ll have a trainer that works flawlessly is to wait for the Epic version of the trainer to be released. The more votes it has via the WeMod desktop app then the higher up the development queue the trainer will climb. :slight_smile:

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Already voted for the Epic trainer and yes, everything you said is fact.