Borderlands 2 lvl mod

Is there any way i can mod my lvl, i know no mod tools it out but is there a way to do it?
Im done with most of the game! Im lvl 42 and just too lazy to get to lvl 50 xD

Is there a way using hex editors or any other programs to do it, please replay if you know a way :smiley:

If it is stored in your save or GPD and not server side then sure there is.

badass rank is stored in the gpd, your character level is stored in the save but both are compressed with LZO and they both have a checksum on it as well

There is a few people on XPG offering a service but they are charging which is insane that people would pay for such a thing. With my little knowledge I’ve tried to decompress the file to be able to Hex it but no joy but obviously people have done it, So mod tool will be out very soon its just a waiting game

Ok! But then im in lvl 50 already C:
Im just a little tierd of the game… Played it too loong i think xD

Yeah probably best to take a break for a while, When you come back to it you’ll appreciate it more.

As of right now I dont think there is any tool or anything yet. All i’ve found you can do yourself is either mod the golden keys or get an already modded save game.

Only person I’ve seen that actually decompressed the save was Mojobojo and at 360haven some people will do it for you (free).

Thanks i’ll have to check it out. Was speaking to someone else who said to pay him…i lol’d