Borderlands 2 - Maxed out skill tree points for all classes

I was looking for the original four classes with maxed out skill trees. The only ones I’ve found have max skill points (46 skill points>.<) when I load them. I don’t care about guns, or anything else, just the skill tree. I found the one for the Mechromancer, which is great, but still wish I had the original four.
I’m guessing that I’m missing these. Can someone post a link? or if not, can someone with the know-how throw this together?

second :stuck_out_tongue:

Been combing 360 Haven and 7sins, nothing has popped up yet, closest i have found was this:

Xbox - full set all players at pt 2.5 max skill tree download

yes, the skill trees are filled up, but they have unused points that have a constant reminder of you having unused skill points…gets annoying after awhile. I mentioned to the creator about it, but he apparently didnt do the work himself and was a complete ■■■■■■■.

tl;dr: anyone have the 4 original toon saves, level 50, skill tree filled, no overflow of skill points?

EDIT - i just made them myself :smile: