Borderlands 2 - Mod Tool - GUI (Runs the command line)

Hello everyone.
I know many people requested for a GUI to Mod Borderlands 2.

This application will do the exactly the same as the command line but easier for those that don’t like to use CMD.

Note: This application uses the command line it’s jsut easier to use!

What this application does:
Once you’ve inputted all of the data it requires it will create a batch file with all of the information.
From here it will run the batch file and complete the task. Once it’s completed it will delete the batch.

How easy is it to use:
If you don’t like the fact of using DOS to work with it, then I’d say easy.

Note: When using this tool make sure to backup your save. I cannot fix your save if it breaks.

How do I use it:

  1. Download and install Python 2.7.3 (Kepp the Python Install Directory to the default location, for easy use).
  2. Download the ZIP/RAR found at the “Download” section of this post.
  3. Extract the ‘SaveGame.sav’ from your SaveXXXX.sav file. This can be done by placing the SaveXXXX.sav into Horizon and clicking ‘contents’.
  4. Create a folder and place all of the contents in it (including the ZIP and Save files).
  5. Rename the ‘SaveGame.sav’ which was extracted from SaveXXXX.sav to something other than SaveGame.sav, E.G: ‘Save.sav’.
  6. Run the application (The application will require .NET Framework 4.0).
  7. Where it says ‘Data Location’ navigate to the FOLDER which contains all of the contents (the application, & your save).
  8. Where it says ‘ Name’ leave it as (if you’ve change the file then modify this)!
  9. Where it says ‘Game Save Name’ input the name of the savegame.sav you renamed (E.G: Save.sav).
  10. Modify the save how you like.
  11. Click “Mod Borderlands 2”.
  12. Wait for the DOS to close and you should then see a file in the directory which contains all of the information named ‘SaveGame.sav’.
  13. Replace the SaveGame.sav within the SaveXXXX.sav contents (using Horizon).
  14. Rehash and resign your save.
  15. Move the save to your USB/HDD.

What language was this coded in: The reason is because it does the job.

Can I change how it works:

Can I have the source:
The application is not protected so you can easily obtain the source code.

Credits please:
ME - Creator of the GUI (which runs the command line).
pclifford - Creator of the command line (owner of the python file).
[REST] - Anyone else who helped pclifford create the command line.

If I was to use your general idea shall I credit you:
As it’s not required you don’t have to, but I’d appreciate it.
If you do make one using pclifford’s python file please give credits to him.

Will you update this for a better GUI:
Yes, the gui right now is a test just to make sure the application works, I’d appreciate you guys working to test if it works.

Your source is terrible:
Thank you for those words, I am aware as I made this within 5 minutes just for you guys to have the general GUI.

What can this mod:

  • Level.
  • Money.
  • Eridium.
  • Skillpoints.
  • Backpack Capacity.
  • Inventory Item Levels.

Thank you so much:
Your very welcome!

I’m having some problems:
I’m not sure I can do much about that, if it’s a program fault then please inform me otherwise I doubt I can do much else. I will offer help though, if I can.

Can I have a preview of what I’m downloading:

Virus Scan:
I’m pretty sure you can look into viruses yourself, especially since the source of the application is open. However I’ll just post AVG’s results.

V1.2 (Possibly fixed a major bug):

[details=Outdated Version]V1.1 (Fixed Bug):

ZIP -[/details]

Python 2.7.3:

.NET Framework 4.0:

That’s a cool tool.
Thanks for sharing.

But it’s not working for me.
I do everything like you wrote but when I click on “Mod Borderlands 2” an error pops up "Unhandled exception has occured in your application."
If I click continue nothing happens at all, only a 0byte bat file is created that never gets opened.
Any idea what the problem might be?

So does this just max out the values for money and so on, or can you input that value you want yourself?

EDIT: Works amazing dude. I did get the un handled exception error, but pressed it again & it works.

I’m pretty sure it’s because the file isn’t getting the data which it should be (obviously). I believe I know a fix and I’ll release it very soon to test if it ‘does’ work.

Do u have a download for mac or just for windos?

You input the values yourself, once you check one of the boxes it will ask for you to input a value.

Version 1.2 has released, hopefully resolving a previous major bug creating a batch file of 0bits (Nothing).

RAR - BL2ModTool.rar

Thanks for the fast update.
Now it opens the DOS window (bat file), but the created Savegame.sav turns out to just be a 0 byte file.
Any idea?

Interesting, once it goes to the BAT it’s left for Python to work, from which point I have no control.

Do you have teamviewer (if you do can you PM me your IDs so I can connect please)?

I don’t have that, I’m sorry.

But I’ve been able to read a bit of the way too short DOS-window.
It seems to not be able to find the Python directory.
I installed it with default folder settings (C:\Python27). Then even uninstalles and installed again in the directory your tool has set as default (C:\Python27\Python).
Doesn’t work either way? Hmm.

Could you explain the “command line method” to me via PM?
Maybe it’s just my machine… but I’d like to edit my Borderlands 2 save a bit.

you should add crystals. which is right under the money and e$
just a though. with the dlc coming out tue. :smile:

Which version of Python do I need to install?

i second that^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Having trouble saving the new savegame file in horizon. It says it is not a valid stfs file. It told me it was an invalid signature type for the loaded package.

I got caught by this, don’t try to open the SaveGame.sav in Horizon. Open your save off your device, click CONTENTS and right click SaveGame.sav and click replace, then choose the one the tool created

I can’t add things to the command line unless I have permission from the owner to modify his python file. But I’ve already got the new GUI setup for Crystal Support. :smile:

All MAIN issues will (should) be resolved.
This is what happens when you make a 5 minute program. It worked for me, personally but I never had to time to test it so I just released it.

Nevertheless I’m working on 2.0 right now and am hoping to push out the update.

Download the MSI installer, if you have 64x download the MSI for 86x64x, if you have a 32x machine download MSI for 86x.

A simple reboot fixed my problem. Weird… but awesome!
Program works perfectly fine and quick.
Once again thank you very much for sharing this.

I’m glad everything is working out fine.

I’m still committed to releasing 2.0 very soon.

This will alter the theme and have easier control (and vision) of what you are modding.

haven’t looked into the program yet, since i know how to use the script with CMD :stuck_out_tongue: …but are you planning to add in the future the option to convert the saves for PC and vice-versa? Great stuff btw, i know a lot of people will like this :smile:

Sure why not, the python file has the ability to convert saves so yeah.
I’ll look into it. :smile: