Borderlands 2 mod tool

New Mod tool, previous one stopped working, this one is working as of 10/18/12
Download link(you have to download Python 2.7.3) Note: I take no credit for this)
Python 2.7.3:
Virusscan— Just copy & paste the links in the URL bar of this website and click “scan it”

Directions for use:

[details= Directions]1. Download and install Python 2.7.3 (Keep the Python Install Directory to the default location, for easy use).
2. Download the ZIP/RAR found at the “Download” section of this post.
3. Extract the ‘SaveGame.sav’ from your SaveXXXX.sav file. This can be done by placing the SaveXXXX.sav into Horizon and clicking ‘contents’.
4. Create a folder and place all of the contents in it (including the ZIP and Save files).
5. Rename the ‘SaveGame.sav’ which was extracted from SaveXXXX.sav to something other than SaveGame.sav, E.G: ‘Save.sav’.
6. Run the application (The application will require .NET Framework 4.0).
7. Where it says ‘Data Location’ navigate to the FOLDER which contains all of the contents (the application, & your save).
8. Where it says ‘ Name’ leave it as (if you’ve change the file then modify this)!
9. Where it says ‘Game Save Name’ input the name of the savegame.sav you renamed (E.G: Save.sav).
10. Modify the save how you like.
11. Click “Mod Borderlands 2”.
12. Wait for the DOS to close and you should then see a file in the directory which contains all of the information named ‘SaveGame.sav’.
13. Replace the SaveGame.sav within the SaveXXXX.sav contents (using Horizon).
14. Rehash and resign your save.
15. Move the save to your USB/HDD.[/details]

What you can mod:

  • Level.
  • Money.
  • Eridium.
  • Skillpoints.
  • Backpack Capacity.
  • Inventory Item Levels.

Please post a virus scan before anything further.

The Gibbed editor is out which allows you to do much the same thing plus copy and paste guns into your save and convert saves from /to xbox to pc. It also has the crystals for the new dlc.

I would recommend you put the directions in a spoiler so it seems less cluttered using this code without the spaces: [ SPOILER][/SPOILER ]

I added the spoilers in.

OT: This is a decent tutorial, nice job.

I tried using it but it does not work on my computer at all, have no idea why=\

Why is this in the Horizon Section? There is a section for Xbox 360 Mod Tools?!

I just tried using this to edit my backpack space and all it did was corrupt my save.

Moved :smile:

It also has the crystals for the new dlc.