Borderlands 2 on Horizon

I think Borderlands 2 is About The Easiest Game To Mod Now The Least Y’all Can do is Start On It

I think we all can agree on it atleast Xbox 360 players

I doubt there will be anything coming out for Borderlands 2 on Horizon.

XBOX is not as popular as it was back in the days some say it died already.
Wemod is focusing mostly on Infinity now and with that on PC Trainers.
maybe there will be something coming out for it though I doubt it and you shouldn’t put your hopes up.

The Gibbed editor works just fine, which is why it’s so easy to mod BL2. Don’t expect to see one added to Horizon. It’s been suggested and demanded many, many times over the years.

Gibbed Editor Takes Alot More And It’s More Difficult

You yourself said it was the easiest game to mod lol. I’ve used the Gibbed editor hundreds of times. It’s very easy to use. It might seem difficult the first few times but after that it’s a peice of cake.

Yeah but Either Way It’s Still Difficult Cause You Have to extract the file from horizon then put it on gibbed editor

And 1 mistake your game save is over

I’m using gibbed right now for borderlands2
Just save your save before you mod it !
Gibbed is super simple to use

It literally takes about an extra 20 seconds total to extract the SaveGame.sav file and then replace it when you’re done in Gibbed. And if your worried about corrupting your save by doing something wrong than make a backup save each time just in case you screw it up. Out of all the times I’ve used Gibbed only once or twice did I have something go wrong. Saves can become corrupted when using editors that are in Horizon as well. The devs have their reason for not adding a BL2 editor to Horizon. If they were going to it would have been done years ago.

Gibbed is great and free. Would be a waste of resources to make an editor for horizon. I would rather them focus on stuff that hasn’t already been done.