Borderlands 2 Orange Weapon Dupe Shop


I have spent hours upon hours getting level 50 Orange and Gold weapons. I have decided to share all of them with the community. I have about 27 weapons to give all level 50. The shop will be open when it says open, closed when said closed. Please go and share these, dupe with all. Send me a game invite, gametag Jewdolf1235. The shop is first come first serve, and thanks would be appreciated. :smiley:

This guy is legit and actually not a douche like some people. And the guns are good!

Thanks for the feedback

You are not allowed to ask for thanks.

Nice of you to do this though.

sorry, ill change it now

hey ill be on later if u could dup them to me my gamertag is XSS PR0T0TYP3X and thank you

Thats cool just send me a message

My GT is OxxidatioNZ. I just sent you an invite.

Sorry guys i was at a party tonight, ill get most of you done by tommarow

Legit. Dropped an inventory sized load on the ground for me.

Completely legit, 100% I really really recommend :smiley: full inventory dropped of orange guns!

Why don’t you just upload your save so people can use the stash, it’s a lot easier and they can choose what they want.

It also saves your time.

I think he just did. I could be wrong though.

He’s offering a shop, I’m just giving him a way of it been lighter on him.

It’s really nice he would do this but obviously if he just gave the save out it would be a lot better. :smile:

yeah he just has uploaded the save :smile:

Thanks for posting the link, you saved me some time :smiley:

Sent you a friend request. Hope to be a customer at your awesome awesome shop. = D

Hey, I was wondering when the next time you are going to be on. I literally keep missing you by minutes lol. Anyway I was also wondering if you have skins/heads/mods/etc. or is it just weapons? Not complaining or anything lol I just was wondering. Oh and I’m stormbreaker92 if you were wondering who the heck this is. :smiley:

NICE!!! Thanks for the share, you guys have a good one

is this shop still open ???