Borderlands 2

I have a request for anyone able to do it and that is mod my game save for BL2
and I have already tried to do previous steps from BL 1 but could not get them to work.

I have uploaded a test save for anyone to Test around with it and see if they can mod anything on it, If someone succeeds with this one then I will use my Main one for them to use.

This test save only has default stats

12 backpack space
LV 1





Having null stats isn’t much to work with.

Hope this helps, here is a level 6 Siren with max money, and max skill points


and another at level 50, 9999 Skill Pts & 99999999 Money

Hello. Do you know, is there a manual that explains how to mod Borderlands 2 saves?
Or can you mod my save for me? Just add money, that’s all I am asking :smile:

This game isn’t out yet for UK and already modded saves everywhere.
But I will be completing this game before I decide to mod it I think.

And check out 360Haven, they have plenty of saves there for borderlands 2, and any other game.

Can you please edit my save, make a lot of money, eridium and skill points, and the level of the character left as is. And sorry for bad english))

Link to preserve, as inserted here do not understand …

Editors are not out at the moment. Probably will start to appear in a few days, As previous poster stated I’d check as they often have game saves and editors released fairly quickly. Good luck.

Sorry to ask but, doesn’t this kinda ruin the experience since it came out yesterday? Borderlands is something you should experience yourself instead of cheating it…

It is more about being the first to “crack” the game to start allowing mods to pour out, but I never see the appeal in using a modded save as a first time save, especially ones with infinite health and can 1 hit anything; those types of saves are just boring to play.

Borderlands is a video game, as I have come under the conclusion we do whatever we want with them and the word should is mildly laughable here. EVERY GAME people try to cheat when it comes out or even before so asking that question just because cheating conflicts with your opinion is a bit dumb.

Not really their are different ways to go at modifying the game, also no most of these people do want to straight up cheatNot really their are different ways to go at modifying the game, also no most of these people do want to straight up cheat

Your post is bugging me, :laughing:.

A lot of people want their stats maxed, and it is those people that make me wonder why they got the game at all. I can understand those types of mods for after beating the game, but not before.

In Borderlands 1, I did add weapons, upgrades, and skill points, but that was after beating it; if I used mods before, then I would’ve been done with the game sooner. With BL2 only just being released, I find that using mods so early on (except for learning what the game is capable of) just seems to ruin the game for the player, or anyone with them, as their being no challenge.

You’re certainly entitled to how you want to play your game. IMHO people mod these games because they want to win more easily.The mods are just a way to accomplish that end. People pay good money for these games, and I believe they are entitled to get their enjoyment in any manner they like as long as they are harming no one else. Just have fun.

No saves can be modded / edited at the minute so I wouldn’t waste your time posting the saves and asking for them to be modded…

I have a request for anyone able to do

I will be completing this game before I decide to mod it I think.

hello was wondering if you can teach me how to mod my Borderlands 2 commando to godhood, is that possible?

It’s rather easy using Horizon and the Borderlands 2 save editor version R142 , I found watching DemonAsylums videos on youtube to be the easiest way to learn how if you have no idea how to go about doing it. here is a link to a video that will show you exactly what to do, Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 Modding Tutorial! - YouTube