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Borderlands 3 Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

It should it’s the same save your using

Hello guys, I have noticed that the super loot cheat just gives always the same couple of items and rarely lets me get any other item whatsoever. It just breaks the purpose of the cheat, I guess? I need to be even more lucky to get items lol

Yeah we’re waiting on an update for it, mrantifun is looking into it, but i’m sure he’s super busy :slight_smile:

Im having an issue after using WeMod on BL3 whenever anyone joins my game their enemies are lvl 1 and give them no xp, I’ve uninstalled WeMod after playing with it for a session because I only wanted to do a couple things with it to my character. Any idea on how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

Go intp the Epic Launcher and in your Lib. Next to your game there are 3 Dots. Klick that and verify your gamefiles. Maybe this helps

can someone please tell me how to get my bitdefender to work with wemod without stopping my AV i have added it as an exception but still stopping it

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Anyone else having issues with Super Loot Rate crashing their game? It activates fine but if I kill and enemy or do any action that would generate loot, my game crashes.

Other than that the trainer works great. Thanks!!!

There are two EXE’s that need whitelisting withing that post, please follow every step to ensure compatibility

Is it possible that you’ve overleveled your character beyond sensible limits? For instance, I’ve seen people using other software level their characters to 150 (in BL2), which is beyond what the game would recognize as “maximum level”, and thereby not award any XP for anything.

The solution however, is horrifying. If the case is as I’ve explained, you’ll have to start a new game. Chances are your save is corrupted, but keep in mind, it’s not WeMod that did it.

Considering I didn’t change my level, add any extra skill points and that my saves aren’t corrupted I’m gonna blame WeMod, my buddies used other trainers and completely maxed out their skills, money, eridium, etc and none of theirs did anything like mine. And the fact I had to delete and re download BL3 because some of my files were missing after using WeMod also leads me to believe its the cause of my lobbies being broken because some of the game files were missing.

Steam games “missing” files is nothing new, it happens all the time. Even on games where WeMod isn’t used. The trick is to “Verfiy the game files” from steam. It’ll go through the folder, and re-acquire the files that went “missing”. You didn’t have to delete the whole game, and download it again.

I wonder if they couldn’t gain XP because of the trainers they used. Maybe they overleveled their characters. I don’t know. What I do know is that WeMod only puts code in where you
want it to (by way of hotkeys).

Still, a new game might solve the issue. Besides, there’s like, 4 characters to use.

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Reply with screenshots of it in the steam library, I can’t seem to find it lol

Anyone else having this issue? I have infinite health, ammo, no recoil, super loot activated, and whenever I enter a new part of the map that requires a loading screen, the game crashes, and requires my pc to restart. it also corrupts the game save

Where you able to look in to it already? Or are you so busy that it might take longer?

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Any one else having issues with mission progression using the trainer as of late? Its a new issue for me and seems to only happen on side missions.

nicely done but “super loot rate” seems to be sticking most drop pools to one specified drop pool and the ones that didnt change drop pools didnt get boosted drop rates

Yes we know that. @MrAntiFun is already looking into that

I’ve done a bit of snooping into the Super Loot Rate. Looks like most methods of spawning legionaries are restricted by the fact that the loot itself is distributed in multiple different item pools, that are also based on which map location you are in. So you cant force summon a legendary unless you are in the correct zone and your script points to that pool. I’m gonna link an external URL that has a neat work around, if its against policy go ahead and delete the comment. But it would be a pretty good alternative unless you’re working on something better.

So with the new Event that was released, the trainer works well so far but the only thing that hasn’t worked is the eridian cheats.

Any chance we can get a way to increase bank size similar to the inventory cheat?