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Borderlands modding for Xbox One


Does anyone know if there will be a modding tool for the Xbox one version of borderlands 2/pre-sequel?

I store all my game data on an external hard drive, the thing I have noticed is that when I plug it into my PC it does not appear as a drive under my computer. No idea why but someone on here may know.

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To elaborate on G Eazys answer. There are currently no ways to mod game saves on the Xbox One.

Im not sure if an Xbox One formatted external is formatted to Fat32 or NTFS which is why it may not be showing on a computer.

Thanks for the help fellas,

It’s a shame because I think gearbox enjoyed seeing the things people made through the nodding tools, plus, it was really fun soloing terramorphus with a rocket launcher that fired like a machine gun.

Hope they find a way.

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Arent they allowing you to transfer your saves over? Why not mod on the 360, then change the save over?

Exactly and yes, You can.

I no longer have a 360 but I could probably borrow one…

Good suggestion! Cheers!

Actually they hate modding or changing the game in any way IMO. Randy Pritchard has even gone so far as to say that simple duping is cheating (when BL2 was first released).

Have a look at this link shows how to convert storage to a pc format and then back again. Unfortunately i have no idea what to do when you can access the files and no way of recognising which files are borderlands

if you mod infinite ammo for a character in borderlands 2 on the 360 and then upload then download that character to the xbox one, you will have 0/0 ammo and will not be able to pick up or buy ammo to refill your ammo. it will just go back to zero. but lets say items you add to inventory will carry over.

my question I have is, is there a way to mod your badass rank, the actually rank number, not the tokens or the bonus stats. As I already know that the bonus stats do not carry over. But that whenever I transferred my character that had a 72k BAR over to the Xone, it updated my xone bar to 72k and I was givin I guess the appropriate amount of tokens. So is there a way to mod the BAR to up my BAR for the xone and get more tokens? As also tokens do not carry over from saves.

I am wondering the same thing. Sadly however, i switched from ps3 to xbox one. I have a modded ps3 save but i cant transfer it to the xbox one. I already have the modded programming but i just need to move my save onto the USB, which seems simple if you know what youre doing but i have trouble actually doing it. someone please help???
~Mr Zebrabutt

Again, you can’t do that on xbox one yet.

Actually you have to upload the save and then download it. They also do not support cross platform saves which means that you could take your ps3 save to a ps4 but not a xbox one.

ok so i dont know if anyone has looked it up yet or not but there is a software that allows you to view the contents of your xbox one external storage devise on your PC. it is called: Xbox One External USB Storage Device Converter (Xbox One formatted USB drives on PC), and here is the link .
the web page also gives instructions on how to use it but that is as far as i have got. if anyone figures out how to mod with this please let me kno. my gamertag is Lukos1993

How can you with borderlands 1 I got on xb1 with games with gold since it was free but my 360 doesnt know I have it so help please any body

Mod your Xbox 360 savefile, then do this:

Btw, @Chris havent this topic been revived enough times?

2 things one I said borderlands 1 and 2 I bought it on xb1 and my 360 cant detect that I have it

Thought you meant you had it for both consoles. X360 cant detect XB1 games. Only way to mod is to have both version and follow the video above.

nope just found out I can use external storage to move em out and put to 360 then mod to put to one\

here is what i did