Borderlands Pre-seqel help pls

Hello, I need some help beating a boss in this game. I am level 20 claptrap and need to kill tungsteena zarpedon, if anyone could help it would be appreciated thanks


Zarpedon is a real pain in the backside at such a low level, I was also level 20 when fighting her and must have died 8, 9, 10 times solo? Before I finally decided, I’m going to level-up and get better gear at which point killing her was easy enough.
Your best bet, in my opinion, get to level 23-24 and get your weapons & gear sorted.

I’d try get a better laser than the one Moxxi gives you, but make sure it’s shock so you can get rid of Zarpedon’s shield with ease.

If things don’t get any easier, tell me and I’ll happily help you out when we’re both free. :smile: