Borderlands Remastered Bundle Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Being a huge fan of the Borerlands franchise, this might be what gets me to pick up an X1. Although I’m a bit disappointed that the original Borderlands & DLC content isn’t part of it, that was my favorite BL game.


Hell yeah, best part is that old saves carry over. That means I’ll still have my mods ahaha :thumbsup:


Time for me to take my Xbox 360 off the shelves to mod my items again. I forgot to put my modded loot in the vault before I quit.

what about the first borderlands?

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I think it’s because they’re remastering the first game for xbox and ps4. And the handsome jack is not in the first borderlands, but still…
It would attract more players if they had all three games in one bundle.

don’t see why everyone’s getting so psyched about this, considering the graphics i’ve seen so far on ps4 are no better than anything on 360 or ps3 i seriously doubt the games will look any different, imo this will just be a regular version of the game ported to play on next gen consoles, in other words it will be the same exact game just much harder to mod. so i won’t be getting it.

I’m sure they will add more content and probably tune the graphics more.

I tried to play the original borderlands recently and the graphics just look awful so if they improve them I would definitely be interested in playing again.

i hope you’re right, my ps4 has done nothing but collect dust in my closet since purchasing it, this is cause everything i can do on it i can just as easily do on my 360, only difference is i can mod on that.
also not sure about your opinion on BL1, i played it awhile back and the graphics still hold up just fine, in fact BL1 looks much better than BL2 imo, much smoother and detailed, that’s always been my only gripe with BL2 is that it doesn’t look as good as the first game.

I do not own a PS4 or a PS3, but I have played FC4 on the 360 and the One and you can really see a difference, the graphics are astonishing. I only played BL1 and when I did I never really got into it.

what makes me sad now is that i bought the X1 around christmas and then they go and do this and add a Claptrap with it i’m jelly i want the claptrap that comes with the bundle i’m sad something kept telling me to keep waiting

hmm… see for me it was the opposite, i got into BL1 so much that to this day i literally know the entire map like the back of my hand, DLC maps included, i swear i could probably navigate my way around on that game blindfolded… lol it took me years to finally get into BL2 cause it was so different than the original, i only recently started playing BL2 regularly, which is why i still haven’t purchased the Pre-Sequel, i’m trying to finish the 2nd game before getting it.

You don’t need to buy another X1 to get the RC Claptrap, the bundle doesn’t include an X1, but it is a whopping $400 for the RC Claptrap, 12 lithographs, steel case edition game and the box it all comes in… Nuts.


Same here man. I loved the first one so much I played it daily for years, I can honestly agree with your statement about navigating through the game blindfolded as I knew the maps and DLC that well. It took me a little while to get that feel for BL2, but it did come and I have put in way too many hours, but not nearly as many as BL1, there was just something about that game that had me mega hooked for so long.

i think it had something to do with the really badass guns being so much easier to obtain on the original, not to mention the guns were just… better on the first game imo, few examples- on the 2nd BL they did away with all the regenerating ammo guns for some odd reason, this alone kept me from playing it for a long time because the regenerating ammo guns not only essentially granted infinite ammo but once obtaining them you could mix and match guns to create different builds with all of one gun type for different characters, one character that uses a bunch of different revolvers, another with an assortment of SMG’s, ect, this made the game insanely addictive! at least for me it did… also on the 2nd game you can no longer find orange or purple weapons for sell in Marcus’s gun machines, in fact those machines are practically useless in the 2nd game, you’ll NEVER find a gun for sell in one of those machines that’s even half assed useful, at least i haven’t… changing all of this was a really dumb decision by Gearbox imo cause it took away so much of the excitement while playing, you no longer get excited about finding a Marcus gun machine in a new area cause you know theirs no longer a chance it might contain an orange gun for sell, also it is so damn hard to find a good gun on the 2nd game, THANK GAWD for the Gibbed BL2 SE!! cause if it weren’t for his editor BL2 would suck balls and i would NEVER have started playing it. no the original BL was just designed way better imo.