I’m lookin for a good smg for BL 1 and 2… I am not lookin for one with 1 mil damage so to speak but could use one that’s op… maybe a good shield with 5k or something and works with all the characters if possible…

there is another post that has four gamesaves in it supplied from SteveWonda that will cover what your after for bl1.
Borderlands [1] Weapon Damage Values Modding Help Request.
check out his discussion with Sykotic.i dont think theres a smg but shotgun,pistol,assualt riffle and shields are available.

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Post Link: Borderlands [1] Weapon Damage Values Modding Help Request

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(Just so you don’t have to look for it)


But that’s not what they are looking for I think, they just want some good stuff, but I could be wrong

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you guys are awesome… I love it… thank you very much…

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