Bought myself a birthday present, bring in the hate

Bought myself an 38mm Apple Watch Sport.

At first I really wanted one then decided against getting one. Eventually I went and tried one on in store and fell in love with the device. Some might say its stupid, expensive and what not, but I’ll see how it ends up being. I wish I could have bought a stainless steel version but they were far to much for me.

Oh well. Birthday is next week and I got my present early. But of course, its from myself :smile:

Nice, I would get one but where I work we’re not allowed to wear electronics past security.
Let me know how it is

That is pretty cool dude. Too expensive for me. I’d be lucky to afford a iPod 3rd gen. xD

Says he can’t buy a second monitor because he just spent $800 on Asus Rog. Spends $500 on apple watch…

Personally, even though I don’t wear a watch that often, it’s nice to see someone own a watch and use it for its sole purpose rather then pull out their phone every minute! Thanks for sharing and happy early birthday!

Thanks to, I can’t believe they sell a $10-12K version of the device!
…which market were they aiming for on that item?

I would of went for the 42mm but each to their own. Nice watch but a bit too expensive for me, sold a few of these in work they come in a weird box.

useless piece of crap, only thing youre doing is paying to be tagged and tracked… linked to your fb/instagramtwitter via gps…all your communications accessible to those with moderate level of access.

No im not a … conspiracy theory guy…i dont watch those vids on youtube and have probably only ranted like this twice in my life… but when its blatantly obvious at this stage …chit i had to throw out a samsung phone the other day cause it asked me 19 times to share my location after continuously saying no and to not ask.

I dont mind if its a useful device… and money means nothing to me so i dont care what it cost you…probably less than i spend on coffee a week… but honestly… the only type of people who get these things will be the same type who buy the iphone and load it with apps so they can talk about their fancy phone and all its apps…even though they probably only use it for phone calls and texts.

They are selling like crazy in china. But there are kits now to plate your SS apple watch for $100

I have had mine for about a month and I love it!

I think I bought the wrong one…

Open Me

What’s the time? One sec while I load up the time app…

Oh wait it crashed, let me just reboot

Damn I don’t have an internet connection. The time is out of sync. Look at 'dis sick feature where it shows my heart rate though…

Psh, you and I both know that with anything people are going to find a way to cut corners.
(ex: Software, Video Games, Music, Clothing, etc.)


You let me down Stevie :anguished:

I really haven’t heard anything about these “watches” you kids use today. What’s so good/bad about this one?

The ASUS ROG Swift up here is $1000 after taxes. The watch costed me $460. So yeah. Plus I don’t exactly have the desk space for two 27" monitors.

I tried on both. The 42mm felt and looked to big on my wrist I thought.

It’s a possibility…

i’m gonna get one after I get a Macbook.

So yeah, no hate from me.


I want one personally, anyway, happy birthday :smile: