I haven’t programmed in a very long time and I recently had an idea for a new project. I’m not sure how I should realise it…

I want to make an API, for personnal use, to retrieve my bank account information (recent transactions, balance, etc.) but I’m not sure what would be the best way to build it.

In the past, I’ve mostly worked with .NET languages. I recently came accross AJAX and I think it would be the best approach to scratch the info from my bank site.

I have a few questionings about this approach. First off, would I need a server to host my files or are there other ways to run my script. I don’t want to pay for hosting services and I’m afraid of security issues. Secondly, do you think there are any security issues with this approach? (Sending my credentials through a third-party app to connect to my bank site.)

What are your thoughts?

Im not any leet coder or anything but i think it would be a security issue yeah.
It of course come down to how you implement it and where you host it.

On other thoughts. I dont know how many that will find you, target you and exploit it.
Making it unlikely that something happens. But its always the possibility.

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This seems pretty light so you should be able to make your own server out of an old computer. Probably some nice linux distro for it too.

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Can you think of a way that would be more secure and wouldn’t require hosting?