BRAND new, I need professional help

Hey if your reading this I really wish you can help me, I am brand new to Horizon, and I would like to know how to mod simple games, like Modern Warfare 2. I have no idea how to at all… if you can help with a detailed step by step walkthrough that would be GREAT, and if I can do it, then I’ll go ahead and pay for diamond. Please PM me. Thank you for reading.


I don’t think Horizon has a Mod Tool for Modern Warfare 2 (Haven’t used Horizon in a while, wouldn’t know for sure)

Also, what would yuu like to mod? Campaign or Multiplayer?

If it’s Campaign, search for MW2 Campaign Save Editor on Google, and if you want to mod Multiplayer (Online) then it won’t be possible with Horizon/USB unless you own a JTAG/RGH I believe .

What Sayem said. In order to mod online you’d need to buy a RGH. I’m sure if research hard enough you’ll know what to download and stuff.

Exactly what Sayem and Persevere have told you but if you are really stuck :interrobang:
Try to be a little bit more specific so someone might be able to help you!
Things like - What game, Online, Offline, Single/Multiplayer and what sort of mods you want…
If you already know most of this, don’t forget that Google is always your friend!

100% exactly what Sayem, Persevere and Cheevotron said.
Why am I even replying…>.<