Brawlhalla Cheats and Trainer for Steam

NOT WORK FAIL! CHEAT for this game |!!!

i payed 50€ for the game and the hack dident work
ples fix it ;-;

just did it but it just turns off right after i turn it on.

Hello, I bought a cheat on Brawlhalla and it doesn’t start, a year ago everything worked right now. can you correct the error? I did everything as in the instructions does not work

What mode are you using it in?

I go into Wemod, turn on Save mods, press Play, go into the game against bots, press F1 and it does not turn on. Throws this error

Help me.

Tested it and confirmed that it’s not working as intended. It’s been added to the queue

The Brawlhalla cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

It is not WORKING :frowning:

The mod is still not working, I activate it and it automatically deactivates


Help Help How can I unlock all the characters in the game Brawlhalla, the latest version, offline mode

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this aint working anymore. whenever i enable it, it disables itself instantly.

i renamed the first exe and installed the new exe in the game main directory. Then i launched the mod with the trainer but it didnt work when i pressed F1. Any ideas to solve my problem?

im pretty sure you have to launch the game from steam first then turn on the mods by launching them with the trainer