!BREAKTHROUGH! (Not really)

hey there, i recently got into this modding scene. i started by editing savefiles. but yesterday i was searching for putting pirated games on my X360 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: and i saw a vid about putting god games onto retail consoles. the tut introduced me to HxD . I put my profile into it and Hexic HD XBLA and i copied my profiles info and pasted on hexic’s info. then i put hexic into Velocity and Voila! the profile and console ids could be edited. i filled in my ids and injected it into my USB with Horizon and plugged into my Retail X360. i saw the game. no corruption pictures or errors.
ANd here isthe problem. First of all it wont move or copy. Secondly it says cannot launch Hexic.
i tried with my profile then i put 000000 in profile id of hexic . nothing .
can something be done.?
Forgive my noobidity

also what motherboard do i have. it says 12V-9.6A, 5V-1A

WeMod does not condone the illegal act of piracy, nor does WeMod provide support for pirated software or illegal activity.

Piracy is theft. It’s no different to you walking out of the store with a physical Xbox 360 disc that you did not pay for.
Support the developers and help them put food on their family’s tables by paying for the game legitimately. There are dozens of cheap, second-hand physical discs on Ebay and Amazon.