Brink mod tool

Is there a tut for this yet?

What do you need help with for it? You can look at the examples tab and stuff.

I definitely need a tut on how to use that damn tool! lmao

It has the architect UI it seems, not very simple. I’ll see what i can find.


seta pm_thirdPerson "1"

Since the number in the quotes is 1, it means it’s enabled. So this means that third person is enabled. If you change that 1 to a 0, then it will disable third person, and it will be first person. As stated in the example tab, ‘Note: “1” indicates the command is ON.’.

seta g_gravity "750"

On things like these, the numbers are more flexible. Say you change that number to 800, the gravity will be stronger. If you change it to 0, there will be no gravity. You can try in between values to fit you.

These all take place in the . You can look at the other ones, such as 0005 which is controls/button layout and binds. The other ones are kinda random stuff that I wouldn’t mess around with.

I would like to mod the health for campgain and mod my exp to be a fight level

Send me your save.

Use 4 and 5.

I can’t send now I’m at work : ( I can when I get back home I and what u mean use 4 and 5?

File section 4 and 5. Then add your dvars ect.

Try this site. It has TONS of cvars for Brink and very helpful.:thumbsup:

Anyone wanna explain hw to max exp and wtf cheats are allowed wn u put in allow cheats

ITS IN HORIZON:thumbsup:

is this for offline use only?



? lol

I was +1’ing the part where you ask if anyone knows how to get max xp

ooooh k ya that makes sense sorry haha