Brink USB Savegame editor!

NOTE!- This was not found by me! All credit goes to Vexx on Se7ensins.

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The top of the binds list however is unbindall, so I wouldn’t be surprised that it will be difficult to get alot of the stuff working, however you can just simply edit your xp xD… Not that it’s difficult to reach level 20 legit.

Since xbox is on a dedicated server, it also have their IP in the server history xD

Not that it means anything.

They have a cookie about mid section of Usersettings by the names of

“cookie_save_desc_number_of_chars” “1"
"cookie_save_desc_total_xp” “999999”

I already changed mine to fit my changes that I edited above in the top right corner box, so make sure to edit both the top right corner and the cookies.

so is this going to unlock all the weapons and stuff?

I’m not sure I haven’t used this yet. But thats probably what it does.

booooo usb!

There are checksums, so hopefully this guy did find them and fix it.

it corrupted one of my auto saves so idk if i did sumthing wrong or what but ya lol

probably wont work on an autosave, i dont have the game but, can you just save the game manually, then use that save? I think it would work them (Yet again, im assuming)

this was made by idlehands

no like the saves are autosaves i beleive there is no manual way to save the game lol so ya i dotn think he found the checksums

This tool works but the checksum needs to be fixed.
or else it will just get corrupted sucks.

Fail this was already posted before on here and it got closed

anyone wanna show me how to fix the checksum so i can use it? lol

Wait so you are posting about something that you have not even tested out yourself?

Doesn’t fix the checksum.