Bug seemingly due to multiple monitors

My setup includes 3 monitors. For this error, the resolution is unimportant.

However, when I turn my TV on, and it refreshes the input (or when the input finally times out and the PC detects it as disconnected/off), the WeMod window maximizes and becomes unresponsive to input. The only way I’ve been able to get around this issue is to right click WeMod in the taskbar and close the window, which closes the whole program. IIRC, this was also an issue before I started using the beta version as well.

This sounds like a difficult one to diagnose. If you’re able to reliably reproduce the behavior, can you try running WeMod with WeMod.exe --disable-gpu from the command line? That will rule out a graphics card issue.

Does the window maximize or just become larger and fill the screen? The window controls would look like this if it were maximized:

Does the window remain on the same monitor?

Thanks for the report. We’ll do the best we can to fix it.

Haven’t done the first test yet.

It shows maximized. I can minimize by clicking on the icon in the taskbar, but the entire window isn’t able to be interacted with otherwise, not even the portion of the window that you took a picture of there.

Since I clone everything off monitor 1 (the only normal PC monitor I have), I can’t be sure if it moves.

With the first test (adding the disable gpu argument), it seems to be the same issue, but it’s just a giant black screen instead of being able to see the WeMod screen.