[BUG] Shadow of War doesn't work after v7 Update

dont know if its related but after wemod updated the shadow of war trainer stopped working

Can you please provide us with more info? I just tested it and everything is working correctly on V7.

Sorry yeah… Its a few things and they all seem to happen randomly.

First I’ve had game crashes if I enable unlimited arrows.

Second if I load the game from the trainer then geometry can become invisible.

Third for some reason if I drain an enemy (hold b) the blue wave effect will stay connected to me and they will remain in a dazed state forever.

All of it started after the update but I know the trainer itself didn’t change just the ui of wemod.

Is it possible a different trainer was automatically selected? Try other ones in the history tab.

I have the same problem as you buddy,it crashes on the cash option,exp option,and focus option

I’ve always used the same trainer and it’s always worked. I did also test the other trainer listed for steam, the definitive edition one but I don’t have that edition of the game. It still detected the game was running so they must be similar enough but with that one the cheats didn’t work at all or if I activated one the game would just crash.

I don’t have any game mods installed and I also uninstalled the game and installed it again on a different drive but that didn’t help. This is also a fairly clean install of Win10 as I did a reset just a couple months ago.

Lastly before I installed the game again I cleared steams download cache and I ran tiki steam cleaner just to make sure there was no possible way it could reuse any cached files for the install.

The game hasn’t been updated recently has it? I don’t recall seeing an update and I haven’t checked the steam repo for updates.