[BUG] Windows Store games aren't found

Hello. I’m having an issue with WeMod 7 where a good chunk of my windows store games aren’t being recognized. It shows up in WeMod 6 but not WeMod 7.

Can you give some game names for ones that are now missing and ones that are still visible? Thanks!

@DimesBeats Just following up. We’ll need more info to be able to fix this.

I’ll add to this, I have the exact same issue with any xbox game pass apps/windows store games. The only game that I have installed that actually wemod finds is State of Decay 2 cause I believe it has to do with user permissions and those folders being locked down so tight. State of Decay 2 works cause it has built in Mod support so you can modify some things. But games like Crusader Kings 3, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition, Grounded, and my personal favorite game which I would love to cheat in Wasteland 3. Now with the previous Wemod it use to work somehow but now it cannot find the files. If I try to fix it. It says I don’t have file permissions to open that exe that I am trying to pick even though I am the Admin.

Anyways that is some information I can give to figure this situation out.

Edit: Oh I want to add is that Cheat Engine and cheat tables work with Xbox game pass apps. I tested that and it works just fine.

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Thanks for the info. It’s fixed in the latest update :+1: