Bullet storm mod tool

Thanks to [b]piquick.

Bulletstorm Gamesave Editor

How to:[/b]- Drag’n Drop

Open or Drag/Drop, enter new value (try 9999999 if you need more just edit again as it seems like people are having issues with MAX value.)

[b]you will be asked for a backup, click YES !!!




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Wow already? didn’t this game just come out lol :thumbsup:

It was leaked last week. You don’t even really need to mod points, they’re easy to get, and you will always have plenty from playing legit.

Why spam it’s a modding site and a modding tool so why say about playing legit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just saying that you most likely won’t need this, it wasn’t a spam post. I ended the game with 70,000 unused points.

this goes up to 9mill i think just got it of xbox360iso.com i don’t have a clue ill chut up:worried::'(:help:

what is this for? multiplayer?

totally for campaign :smile:

whos console id is that?

Hey, thanks, this game looks good to play until GoW3

this game is great and this tool helps for those that are having a hard time racking up the awesome skill shots to accumulate massive sp. also i think the max you can do with this tool is like 69999999. i think. i’m not real sure what the colors behind the numbers mean. if yellow still works then it can go higher but this number will keep the box in the back green which i assumed meant good.

You can take it past 99999999 but if you go to far it will not save and an error will pop up on the editor

Im glad you all like really really hard to give back on this site

This game is pretty damn awesome, have you looked at anything else in the save? I haven’t looked myself since I have no time for it.

The most you will ever need is 500,000. I added that and I still had 200,000 left over after I beat the game on very hard, with all the guns maxed out.

nah ea help make the game hard as he’ll to mod lol

This is one of the easiest games to mod.

so why ant there a mod tool then and why ant you made one then :stuck_out_tongue: :interrobang::'(:worried:

Never mind. Wrong game

im not ageing im quoting wat he says there is only one mod tool for this game so if it is easy where are the rest