Bullet Time for Jurassic Park Evolution

Hello, I need a bullet time trainier for Jurassic Park Evolution which manipulates the gameplay speed to 0.25 to realise a video project.
Cheat Engine offers a speedhack but it slows down the whole game process (all in-game activities / menu). I need to slown down only the gameplay speed (bullet time).

Who can help me and how much do I need to donate?


Well heres the trainer for it

No donating for trainers. Can maybe vote if its not in there

Yeah, there are some trainers on the web but no bullet time. Nobody needs bullet time, nobody will vote for it. Only me needs bullet time :wink: That’s why I am willing to donate.

We do not accept donations for cheats, which isn’t a donation at that point since you are paying for something specific. You can post in the Jurassic World Evolution thread and request it be added but there is no guarantee it will be.